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No one misses the runaways…

A romantic evening of wine and roses ends in an apparent murder suicide. But the grueseome slaying wasn’t a crime of passion. Missing Persons Detective London McKenna links the killings to a fifteen-year-old kidnapping and uncovers that the murders were a deliberate consipracy to silence those who’d reveal the horrifying truth.

Runaway girls are being kidnapped and trafficked as child brides.

As London races to find the young girls, she struggles to forget the nightmares of her own past. But the closer she gets to rescuing the kidnapped children, the more she risks becoming a victim of once again. With her own life threatened and time running out, London must save the innocent girls before their weddings become a mass funeral.

Girls In White Dresses is a gripping, edge-of-your-seat crime thriller perfect for fans of James Patterson, Robert Dugoni, and Liliana Hart. London McKenna is a feisty, take-no-prisoners female detective desperate to forget the evils of her past. With an explosive plot and a twist that will leave you breathless, Girls in White Dresses is an exciting and riveting novel that will shock you until the very end!

Alex Gates Girls in White Dresses

© Alexandra Gates, 2017